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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sangat rindu,! kina ♥ kimi

semalam or yesterday i bole stand of my ' WINDU ' to my syg but today macam da xley blah jee,,
u guys noe x knp i windukan dat boy? da reasons are jus soo owesome n xterkata sampai i ta bole nk luahkan thrue my words,,,,
reason (1) i sygkan die
reason (2) i cintakan die
reason (3) i cant stand my life without him
reason (4) i need him
reason (5) die sangat baik
reason (6) die sangat suke bola,!
reason (7) die sangat manis mcm candy ,!
reason (8) die sangat ambil berat
reason (9) die sangat bertanggungjawab
reason (10) die mencintai saya,!

hehehe,,, OMG ,! im soo in love,! hope dat our relationship will always remain in our heart,, may ALLAH s.w.t bless our relationship,,,,,, wanna b only wif u syg,!

* our cinta Gila n Gila bola will always b wif us syg ,!

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