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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I hate You So Much la SPOM.


u egt u bagus?
u egt u so clever?
u egt u so good?
u egt u so hensem?
u egt u so gorgeous?
u egt u so hebat?
u egt u so tiptop kat fb 2?
u egt u so kind ?

hah ,,! hah,,! hey ,,! pedulik la i nak cakap ape kat status i,, kat wall i,, dats my status,, dats my fb ,, dats my wall,,! just an idiot like you yang sangat tidak puas hati dengan i.

sbb u xdapat i kan? i noe dat since u marah i sal tag ur name at one of my picture? sokayyyy,,! never blame you 4 dat my fwend but now,, im totally 100% mad becouse u telah mencaci i di profile you,,,
u nak taw knp i x accept you proposal dlu? becouse u are a JERK!
cemburu buta,! hey,,,! i tidak pnh comment or caci ur stupid status kat fb u kan? none ryte,,!
becouse se'STUPID mane pon status u 2, i still respect u as my fwen la idiot ,,! Oh My GOD ,,! plzzzlah dengan laki mcmnie. no wonder why many gurls leaves u,, u such a SPOIL.

argh,,! deadly mad ryte now. surely wanna kick your ass ryte now,,! remimber MUHAMMAD AMIR FARHAN , once again i see your talking badly bout me,, im gonna do sumtg dat u never thought off okeyh,! i mention your name here so take note of it.

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